Stage 01 Submission

We were delighted to have been shortlisted for the Novers Hill Design Competition with Goram Homes, and Bristol Housing Festival. 

During the first stage of this exciting competition, we focused on delivering a conceptual presentation which visualised our care for the surrounding ecology and landscaping which exists throughout the site.
Stage 02 Submission

Our early concept focused on the natural levels in the site, and how we could mould our proposal around a series of landscaped spaces which draw people through the site and connect them to the Western Slopes. 

A large podium garden, Southernly orientated roofscapes and materials which help to embed the houses visually, are some of the key architectural moves we felt were important to the delivery of 50 new homes and a community building at Novers Hill. 
The 5 presentation boards below are part of our Stage 02 Submission. 
Working in 3D modelling and visualisation software, we are able to test and review our concepts throughout the design process. 
This short video explores the primary public route through the site, designed to bring people towards the community building. 

We believe it important to design housing that considers the evolving climate.
RHaR has collaborated our thinking with The Richards Partnership and Ecology Solutions, and we believe Novers Hill presents an opportunity to connect South Bristol’s green infrastructure, creating a continuous natural spine that unites the community at the top of the Western Slopes.

We are proud to be part of a local competition which is looking to redevelop and enhance a key part of the local community. ​​​​​​​

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